One of the big pushes this year for New York Comic Con was television series. A lot of press went to The Walking Dead, Daredevil, and TNT’s newest show, The Librarians. Mixing history with fantasy, the show is a spinoff from the made for tv movie The Librarian trilogy that starred Noah Wylie in the title role. Wylie plays the role of Flynn Carsen, the highly educated bookworm who was originally hired by the public library as a librarian. He soon finds out however that the library has existed for centuries and his true job description is to protect ancient relics that hold great magical powers from those who would use them for evil. The show takes place ten years after the films. Carsen has now gathered together a group of individuals, each with their own special skills to help him on this quest along with solving magical mysteries.

In attendance at the booth was executive producer John Rogers and stars: Christian Kane (Angel), Rebecca Romijn (X-Men movie franchise), and Lindy Booth (Dawn of the Dead) along with new comer John Kim. Panelists were also the first to receive a look at the show.

the librarians tnt

The actors spoke about their characters:

Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn): Plays the role of the body guard. She is a counter terrorist expert and good with a gun. Rogers described her as the perfect counterpart to Wylie’s character as she is a smart investigator too.

Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth): Has the special gift of being a synesthete which means that she experiences the world with enhanced sensory perception. When experiencing an emotion she may see colors and experience certain smells. She is a math and science whiz and her abilities help her solve difficult logic and math mysteries off the top of her head.

Jake Stone (Christian Kane): Grew up in Oklahoma in a blue collar family. He is highly intelligent and a history buff but given his roots, has kept this knowledge low key until he meets the rest of the group.

Ezekiel Jones (John Kim): His character is trouble! He is a masterful thief and represents the side of yourself that isn’t morally sound but gets the job done when it needs to be done. He’s never worked with a team before and this represents a challenge for him. He is cheeky and provides some of the comic relief on the show.

Jenkins (John Larroquette): Plays the cantankerous guide to the new magical world for the group who Rogers described as “loathing every moment of your presence.”

In addition to the regulars on the show, including Noah Wylie making four appearances on the show; there’s several guest stars. Two include Jane Curtain and Bob Newhart, who will revisit their characters from the previous films. Other guest stars are: Alicia Witt, Tricia Helfer, Jim Jeffries, Rene Auberjonois, Matt Crewer who will play a recurring villain, and Bruce Campbell as Old Saint Nick.

To get you more involved in the show you can follow the Librarians twitter account.

The Librarians will premiere on TNT on December 7th 8 pm/7 pm central time. The series stars: John Larroquette, Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth and John Kim.