In this episode we get to see our Librarians in Training (L.I.T’s) on their first solo mission without Flynn guiding them around. Instead, we have Jenkins the Library’s caretaker, who will be providing the LIT’s all the knowledge and information to help them in their quest to help bring order to chaos each week. Plus their Guardian, Colonel Eve Baird, who will make sure their safety is a top priority when they go off on a mission. On their first mission, they go on the hunt for some missing interns at a multinational corporation that are less than concern about their whereabouts.

Screen-Shot-2014-12-15-at-00.23.28-e1418631901694 The Good

  • This show is like Doctor Who, but focuses mainly on the Companions.
  • Cassandra is having a hard time getting her colleagues to trust her again, after her betrayal at the main Library.
  • The Clippings Book, is a book filled with newspaper clippings that the LIT’s use to keep up with current events that are magical, mystical, and paranormal in nature. In this episode they focus on several interns that have gone in the past week from a multinational corporation with no one investigating it, not even the police.
  • The Back Door, is a wormhole that can transport anybody anywhere in the world within a matter of seconds. Eve and the LIT’s use this door to be transported to Boston where the latest victim is last seen.
  • The story of King Minos, the Minotaur and the Labyrinth takes a center role in this episode. Just like in the story, the king needed fourteen virgins; men and women to be sacrificed to the Minotaur to please the gods. The Golden Axe Inc uses the same style of offering to the Minotaur in the Labyrinth to make them prosperous and powerful. Using interns as sacrificial virgins is hilarious. The LIT’s must find a way to bring down this Labyrinth and stop the Minotaur from taking any more lives.
  • With the LIT’s feeling betrayed by her, Cassandra redeems herself when the they get trapped in the Labyrinth. Using her mathematical skills, she is able to find a way out of the maze. But it is not as simple as that, the Labyrinth is magical and can easily deceive people from thinking that they are free when they are not.
  • Using some of the story facts of Theseus, the man who killed the Minotaur, the LIT’s have come up with a way to stop the Minotaur and Golden Axe Inc. Just like Theseus, when he used a ball of string to find his way out after killing the Minotaur, the LIT’s must find the thread that holds the maze together and break the power. They eventually find it and destroy the power of the maze.

The Bad

  • I miss the main Library; it had all those wonderful artifacts and Judson.
  • Using Tyler Mane as the Minotaur is a little goofy, not to mention the costume of the Minotaur is a little amateurish at best. It looked a little silly
  • Ezekiel’s character is getting a bit annoying. His British accent gets in the way of an okay character. His personality is sort of one dimensional, I hope he starts getting interesting in future episodes.

With magic unleashed into the world, dark forces will be determined to harness it for their agenda, and the LIT’s must find a way to stop them. Knowing that this is the first episode that they are working together as a team without Flynn, it is not half bad. The music is still over the top, but it does grow on you, like a five o’clock shadow. John Larroquette is great at playing Jenkins, and Rebecca Romijn is getting better as their Guardian. She definitely fits the role as a kick ass soldier protecting the future. I’m not sure if there is going to be an artifact of the week, but I will be on the look out and mention it next time. Until then, keep your eyes on the pages and your mind open to anything my LiT’s (Librarian Towelites).

Here’s a preview of the next episode ‘And Santa’s Midnight Run’