Raise your hands if you believe in Santa?  I’m on the fence on that one, but this episode focuses on the myth of Old Saint Nick and the spirit of Christmas.  The LIT’s and Colonel Baird race against time to stop the Serpent Brotherhood from ruining Christmas by killing Santa and preventing him from giving the world joy and peace  Bruce Campbell guest stars as the Jolly Old Santa trying to get to the North Pole before Christmas Eve.

The Librarians 01The Good

  • Bruce Campbell is Santa. Ho! Ho!  Ho boy!!!!!
  • Santa is an immortal avatar of goodwill that witnesses all of humanities good deeds all year, and on Christmas Eve he would fly up in the atmosphere in his sleigh and release it back into the world.
  • Jenkins gets the bad news from Mrs. Claus, Gretchen, that Santa is missing and was last seen at a local London soup kitchen.
  • Colonel Eve Baird dispatches Stone and Cass to London to find what happened.
  • Stone and Cassandra find out that the Serpent Brotherhood took Santa by drugging him with holly and mistletoe. But it took quite a bit of effort for Cassandra to understand the local dialect.  Stone calls it East London Cockney Rhyming Slang.  It is funny watching Cassandra misinterpret everything the local soup kitchen employee is saying and having Stone translate the slang to her.  “She is out of her bacon (bacon rind: mind) “She’s out of her mind”, “One of them has a right fine pair of reds (reds:red [email protected]#bies), “Got taken off a bat and ball by a bunch of sporting Joe Blakes (Blakes: snakes-tattoos)”.  These were a few of the Cockney slang rhyming terms that the local kitchen employee was using to describe who took Santa.
  • Stone plays hot potato with several extremely rare artifacts with Colonel Baird at the Serpents London’s headquarters to give Cassandra and Ezekiel enough time rescue Santa.
  • Colonel Baird asks Santa, “ok Santa where did you park your sleigh?”
  • To give the Colonel and Santa time to escape, Ezekiel puts on Santa’s magical hat and transforms into a happy go lucky guy with so much Christmas Spirit that it is kind of unsettling. But it is comical watching this guy act like an idiot in front of his friends.
  • Realizing that the sleigh is stolen by the Brotherhood, Colonel Baird and Santa go on a trip to get him to the North Pole. There we get to discover more about Colonel Baird’s past and childhood, and why she doesn’t like Christmas.
  • Santa has many incarnations throughout human history. He is Nick the Wondermaker where he leaves toys in children’s shoes and pulls pranks.  He is also known as Odin, the Viking god of battle and death.  He is worshiped during the Winter Solstice and Yule where the Vikings sacrifice offerings to him for protection.  It is believed that Odin is the original incarnation of Santa Claus.
  • .The LIT’S, Santa, and Colonel Baird get to an airbase in Canada and fly a cargo plane to Alaska, but during their flight, Dulaque, the leader of the Serpent Brotherhood, and Lamia, his right hand, fly the sleigh onto the cargo plane’s deck. It’s funny watching these people fly a small sleigh in the air.
  • Dulaque intends to kill Santa right there in the plane to make sure Santa doesn’t go through with his delivery, but the Colonel found a way to beat Dulaque and Lamia from killing Santa by using Santa’s hat and the Christmas Spirit.

The Bad

  • Even though The Librarians, the Colonel saves the day, it seems kind of cheesy of how they accomplished it.  I felt like I was a Hallmark Special where everybody gets an overdose of the Christmas Spirit.
  • I love Matt Frewer, but his performance and his part in this episode is silly and boring. I hope in the future episodes he will have more of a darker role in the series.
  • Bruce Campbell did a good job, but he was a little too nice for my taste. I prefer him to have a bit more of an edge to him.  I miss Ash!
  • The last twenty minutes of the episode is a little too sappy for me.

The Librarians 02
All in all it isn’t a terrible episode, but it didn’t have that feel of excitement like it had in the premier of the series.  I guess I’m asking too much, since it is called The Librarians.  I still love the concept of the show and I will keep on watching it, because out of all shows that are on today, this one has an uplifting, upbeat, funny tempo to it, and that is a breath of fresh air.  Next week DRAGONS……YES!!!!