This week the LIT’s find themselves split up trying to avert the world from being destroyed by dragons, and at the home front where the very existence of the Library is in danger from being shut down.  Matt Frewer and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa guest star in this exciting and dramatic episode.

Librarians apple discord 01The Good

  • Flynn has returned to warn the LIT’s that dragons have woken up and are creating massive earthquakes all over the world.
  • One of my favorite Japanese actors, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, guest stars as a dragon in human form, Mr. Drake, who represents a clan of the Eastern Asian Dragons known as the Fei Lung. He claims that his rival clan, the Western Dragons, stole their sacred Pearl and demands an Intercession of Dragons.  An Intercession of Dragons is a meeting where grievances are mentioned toward the Librarian and resolved.
  • Flynn, Colonel Baird, Cassandra, and Stone travel to Vatican City and try retrieve the sacred Pearl. While Ezekiel and Jenkins baby sit Mr. Drake.
  • Ezekiel gets mistaken as the Librarian and is forced to be the Arbiter of the Intercession.
  • Ezekiel gets more than he bargained for when a U.N. supernatural Conclave arrive at the Library’s doorstep. The guests consist of Jinn, Faeries, etc.
  • Dulaque arrives at the Library with malicious intent to shut down the Library once and for all. Jenkins suddenly leaves the Library leaving Ezekiel alone with the Mos Eisley of supernatural beings sitting around a large table.
  • Ezekiel finally grows a backbone and confronts Jenkins about his attitude and cowardice for leaving the Library unprotected from Dulaque.
  • Flynn and the others finally retrieve the Pearl with Cassandra and Stone’s help, however they find out that the Pearl is actually a shell hiding a golden apple inside.
  • The Apple of Discord is a creation by the Goddess Erys to wreak havoc upon the world. By touching it or holding it, that person turns into the worst version of themselves.
  • Stone is the first victim, but when Cassandra takes the Apple, she turns into something that completely makes her into one very frightening individual.
  • Lamia is the first victim of Cassandra’s malicious mathematical  force ratio application, mass+intertia+velocity. Her calculations to dislocate Lamia’s wrist (8 lbs of pressure) is unnerving.  Next she uses a Sephenous Nerve Cluster to Lamia’s right inner leg (3 lbs of pressure), and lastly she uses 6 lbs of pressure to Lamia’s carotid artery to stop blood flow to the brain.
  • But she is still bored, she then goes to a power plant in Europe and attempts to cripple Europe’s power grid.
  • Flynn, Stone and Colonel Baird get there in time to stop Cassandra from destroying Europe.
  • Flynn and the Colonel are able to get the Apple away from Cassandra, but they too are affected by the fruit.
  • Colonel Baird gets a full dose of the Appe, but Flynn leaves with it. He heads towards the Library.
  • Flynn goes all nuts at the Library trying to challenge anyone from taking the Library away from him. Ezekiel and Jenkins come up with a plan to take the Apple from Flynn.  It works!
  • Ezekiel now has the Apple, but is not affected by it. I guess he is the worst version of himself.
  • Flynn finally convinces the UN supernatural Conclave to keep the Library open, thwarting Dulaque’s plan.
  • Ezekiel exposes Mr. Drake of deceitfulness about the Pearl, and how he framed the Western Dragons of stealing the sacred gem.
  • Jenkins confronts Dulaque of his involvement with the Conclave, and of him awakening the Dragons. Dulaque confesses.
  • Jenkins is a lot older than I realized, about a thousand years older. He and Dulaque have long history together.
  • We get to see more of Jenkins history with the Library and why he is the way he is.

The Bad

  • Nothing it was a very good episode.

Librarians apple discord 02So far these stories are getting better.  Ezekiel is getting better.  I like him in this episode.  I saw a side to Cassandra that is edgier, darker and that is cool.  The episode definitely shows us more to the character’s ability to expand their qualities and rise above their standards.  I can see the LIT’s becoming aware of who they are and what they can do.  Next week, fairytales becoming reality.