Do you remember when you were a kid, and all the heroes and villains were found in books where they took you to wonderful places full of adventures and danger?  This episode gives you the opportunity to explore the stories and fairytales that we once loved and cherished as a kid.  But unfortunately, these wonderful fairytales don’t have happy endings.  The LIT’s and Colonel Baird are whisked away by the Back Door to Bremen, Washington by Jenkins and the Clippings Book to investigate strange events happening in this small town.The Librarians s01e06 01

The Good

  • All your childhood fairytale characters come to life: trolls, the Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, the Huntsman, etc.
  • Our LIT’s have become fairytale characters. Stone is the Huntsman, Cassandra is Prince Charming, and Colonel Baird is a princess.  Jones is Jack of all Trades.
  • A huge white wolf wearing a pink bonnet terrorizes the town, until Stone, the Huntsman strikes down the creature. After an autopsy, they find a woman in red stuffed inside alive and well (she represents Little Red Riding Hood that gets eaten by the wolf in disguise)
  • The mayor of Bremen is seen running through the town naked where he is acting out the story from the Emperor’s New Clothes.
  • Cassandra gets a fan club of women thinking that she is Prince Charming. It’s pretty funny watching her react to her new groupies.
  • Colonel Eve Baird in a corset…..need I say more!!!!
  • Libris Fabula, is a magical book that bring stories to life just by reading it aloud, but in return the book siphons the life force of the listeners resulting in weakening the listeners and they eventually die, leaving the reader very powerful from the victim’s life force.
  • Jenkins claims that the The Libris Fabula caused The Black Death. Magic has a price.
  • The town librarian, Mr. Maguire is using the magical book to draw the energy from Jamie, the local sheriff’s daughter, causing her to get a sick and weak. He is also siphoning the life force of the townsfolk as well by drawing them deeper into the storybook.
  • While Cass, Stone and the Colonel fight off the villains (the Big Bad Wolf and his pack who happen to be the high school football players), Jones realizes that Mr. Maguire is killing Jamie, he turns the table on him by taking the book away from him and giving it to Jamie.
  • Jamie creates new personalities for Cass, Stone, and the Colonel to fight off the Wolf Pack by making Stone into a robotic Huntsman, Cassandra into Merlin, and the Colonel into a ninja princess….Cool!!!
  • Jones and Jamie save the day, and Mr. Maguire gets sucked into the magical book forever

The Bad

  • I would have loved to see more fairytales characters, like the old witch in Hansel and Gretel, and Rapuntzel. That would have been cool.
  • The troll was a minor disappointment, and I wanted to see more of him, instead we only see him in stone.
  • Cassandra has proven time and again that she can be trusted, but Stone still has a wall up. I mean come on, give her a break.

The Librarians s01e06 02I believe that stories we tell our children, and the books we read, open our minds to endless possibilities to excite our imagination.  We will never grow out of our childhood wonders and curiosities that we were raised upon.  Trolls, Big Bad Wolves will always be our darkest fears and obstacles that we battle everyday.  We need heroes to fight them, we need courage to face them, and we need each other to protect the ones we love.  This episode is funny and inspirational at the same time.  I like the fact that even though the LIT’s were trying to stop a very dangerous magical artifact from destroying a whole town, they gave us humor to accomplish their mission.  Good job.