It’s a double header this week where the LIT’S take on a powerful legendary villain and a haunted house.  It’s a step back in time where the LIT’s remember when they were high school kids and wanting to rule the world.  In the first hour, Colonel Baird and the LIT’s are sent to Chicago by the Clippings Book to stop a cataclysmic event at a high school science fair.  In the second hour, Colonel Baird and the gang go to Slovakia to repair a broken magic Lay Line which happens to intersect at a haunted house but everything is not what they seem.

The Librarians 01The Good: And the Power of Three

  • Cassandra is getting her geek on at the Chicagoland STEM Science Fair. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.
  • Stone quotes Lord Byron to help a love sick student find the courage to woo a girl. I didn’t know Stone is a poet.
  • Jenkins discovers that someone in the science fair is using witchcraft and using a wishing spell app on the cell phones to win the competition. He also believes that a coven is responsible for creating that wishing spell and the Power of Three is responsible for all the magical chaos at the fair.
  • The Power of Three is a spell that makes the users get whatever they want, but at a cost. The backlash of the Three is brought back against the user three fold.
  • Cassandra remembers not so fond memories of her and her parents at these science fairs. When her parents found out about her condition, they dismissed her and showed their true side which led Cass to believe that they loved the science fair more than her.
  • Morgan Le Fay makes her appearance at the fair, hoping to recharge her powers from the magical wishes that the wishing spell gives.
  • Cassandra comes up with an idea of a Faraday Cage and a pentagram to prevent any backlash from the wishing spell from harming any of the high school students at the fair.
  • Morgan Le Fay gives Colonel Baird a message to give to Jenkins, who knows Morgan from his past. Noli Timere Malum, Sed Time Heroa, which means do not fear the villain, fear the hero.  Morgan warns her that the end of the world is coming, Jenkins agrees.

The Librarians E7 01The Good: And the Heart of Darkness

  • Colonel Baird and the LIT’s travel to Slovakia to repair a broken Magic Lay Line only to find a girl running from an axe wielding murderer that has her friends in the house nearby.
  • Cassandra is angry that the Colonel tells her to stay back and watch after the girl, Katie Bender, while the others repair the magical Lay Lines and search for Katie’s friends.
  • Jenkins tells Colonel Baird some good news and bad news. The magic Lay Line is repaired, but the house they are in is part of an urban legend; either it is the House on Haunted Hill, or the house where an ax murderer killed a whole sorority in one Halloween night.
  • Jenkins believes that this house may be one of the six mystery houses known to exist. A Shatterbox house, the UR Adobe, the Dionaea House, the Final Rest, the House of Refuge, or the Soul Cage.  Jenkins believes that may have found the Shatterbox ( the house that moves and collects victims and devours them)
  • Stone and Jones search in the house for Katie’s missing teens. Jones disappears and Stone finds him magically in a dollhouse in another room.
  • Cassandra discovers that Katie is not who she says she is. Katie is a serial killer using the house to lure victims for her to kill.  Cass discovers that Katie is from a family of serial killers that warped and twisted the house’s power to find them more bloodshed and death.
  • Stone discovers that this is not the Shatterbox, but the House of Refuge where the spirit of the house is benign and peaceful. It gives the owner what they need.  Katie believes she is the Angel of Death and no one can stop her.
  • In an emotional state, Cassandra gets up the courage to fight Katie and uses her knowledge that death is at her door and defeats Katie.
  • The House of Refuge thanks Cassandra for getting rid of Katie, and lifting the darkness that plagued the house.

The Librarians E8 02The Bad: And the Power of Three, And the Heart of Darkness

  • I would have loved to see more of Morgan Le Fay, she is a great adversary.
  • Jenkins past keeps creeping out. Who is he?  How is he connected to Morgan Le Fay?  I wish they could have gone into detail about him.
  • The second episode is great, but I think this one should have been a Halloween Special and not air it in January

Even though Colonel Baird and the LIT’s tackle a powerful sorceress, and a haunted serial killer, Cassandra is the rising star in these two episodes.  Her quick thinking and bravery saved a lot of people, not to mention a trapped house spirit.  Out of all the LIT’s, Cassandra definitely is my favorite.  She is smart, funny, quirky and just a big ball of energy.  Each week, we get to see Stone, Jones, Cassandra, and the Colonel shine in their gifted talents and grow stronger as a team.  Jenkins is definitely warming up to them, not as much but a little at a time.  Next week is the two hour season finale, I sure hope it is explosive.