Episode 9: This is the first part of the season finale where the LIT’s are sent away by the Clippings Book to a small town of Collins Falls to investigate an alleged UFO sighting.  Although Jenkins denies the existence of the UFO phenomenon, he does make an argument that these sightings can be explained practically and scientifically.  On the other hand, Jones is a huge believer of the UFO sightings and is very excited to go on this mission to witness anything out of this world.  But things aren’t what they seem in Collins Falls.

The Librarians Finale 02The Good

  • It’s funny seeing Jones get very excited about their UFO mission. He starts acting like Cassandra when gets in her math mode.
  • This episode feels like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but Librarian style.
  • Stone gets cozy with the town archivist, Mabel, who happens to be 130 years old and looks awesome.
  • It’s not a UFO phenomenon, but a very old Tesla experiment gone wrong.
  • In 1915, Nicola Tesla performs his experiment on wireless power transmission using gas powered street lamps but it goes horribly wrong.
  • He is the reason why Collins Falls is filled with inter- dimensional people.
  • Colonel becomes a victim of Tesla’s botched experiment.
  • The I.D. victims’ possess people of Collins Falls to hold on to reality.
  • Mabel and the LIT’s uses Tesla’s experiment to save the I.D. victims, but the experiment is too unstable to continue. They make a difficult decision to end the experiment leaving the I.D. victims in their phased state for another hundred years.
  • Mabel dies in Stone’s arms.
  • Colonel Baird gets saved just in time before the experiment shuts down.

The Librarians Finale 01The Bad

  • It is a bittersweet ending where the LIT’s can’t save the town, and Stone watches he cares about dies.
  • It’s not a great episode, but it still entertaining.

It is nice to see an episode without Colonel Baird giving out orders.  It lets me know that the LIT’s are finally able to go out on their own and save the world.  It is also a wake up call that not all missions will have a happy ending.


Episode 10:  The second part of the season finale takes the LIT’s to places that are out of this dimension, literally.  Colonel Baird and Flynn Carson travel through parallel dimensions to stop Dulaque from rewriting history.

The Librarians Finale 03 The Good

  • Flynn returns to the Annex Library with great news. He knows how to bring back the main Library.
  • All the magical artifacts that the LIT’s have attained during their missions will help find the Library and return it back to where it belongs.
  • Dulaque crashes the party with Lamia hoping to use the Back Door with the help of the magical artifacts, to find the Loon of Fate and change history for his benefit. Unfortunately he needs a blood sacrifice to successfully open the doorway to the Loon of Fate.  He kills Lamia.
  • Colonel Baird and Flynn follow Dulaque in the doorway to stop him.
  • Jumping from parallel universes, Colonel Baird and Flynn find themselves meeting different version of the LIT’s. In each parallel universe, Baird dies saving the Librarian.
  • We find out that Jenkins is really Sir Galahad, and Dulaque is Sir Lancelot Du Lac. Both Knights of the Round Table in King Arthur’s Court at Camelot.
  • Du Lac is defeated by Jenkins and Flynn is able to restore history to the way it was. But Colonel Baird gets mortally wounded while protecting Flynn.
  • Flynn is able to get the Library back and save Colonel Baird.
  • Flynn decides that the LIT’s are ready to go on their own and hands them a small version of the Clippings Book. They decide to stick together and go off on their first mission as full fledged Librarians.

The Librarians Finale 04The Bad

  • It is nice to see Jerry Connell guest star as a younger version of Du Lac but his British accent is horrible.
  • It can’t call them LIT’s anymore. The training wheels are off.
  • Now that they have the Library back, is Jenkins not going to be needed anymore? Is Judson returning or Charlene?
  • I hope that isn’t the end of Du Lac, he is a good adversary.

It definitely felt like an episode taken from the series of Sliders.  Especially when Jerry Connell guest stars, it completed the picture.  It is a very good episode and it seems to tie everything together from the beginning of the series.  Now that the Library is back, and the LIT’s are no longer LIT’s, where will the Librarians journey go next season.  The possibilities are endless and the adventuress will be more daring and dangerous for our scholarly heroes.  We shall see.