When it comes to shaping Middle Earth, a lot of hard work goes into it. You have to find the right place to shoot, get the right actors to bring the beloved Tolkien characters to life, and you need the perfect score to set the mood to. Luckily, Howard Shore is back to compose from Peter Jackson, and today we get to hear the entire soundtrack to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Empire Online  has the entire thing on it’s website for you to take a listen to. Follow the link below, and enjoy!

Click the link: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey soundtrack streaming from Empire Online.

The standard edition has the following tracks:

Disc 1:
My Dear Frodo
Old Friends*
An Unexpected Party*
Axe or Sword?
Misty Mountains performed by Richard Armitage and The Dwarf Cast
The Adventure Begins
The World is Ahead
An Ancient Enemy
Radagast the Brown*
Roast Mutton
A Troll-hoard
The Hill of Sorcery

Disc 2:
The Hidden Valley
Moon Runes*
The Defiler
The White Council*
Over Hill
A Thunder Battle
Under Hill
Riddles in the Dark
Brass Buttons
Out of the Frying-Pan
A Good Omen
Song of the Lonely Mountain performed by Neil Finn*
Dreaming of Bag End

The special edition adds to the above list with the scores below, as well as extended versions of seven above tracks:

A Very Respectable Hobbit
The Dwarf Lords
The Edge of the Wild

The album art for the regular and special editions are below:

The soundtrack will be availible in standard and deluxe editions which you can preorder here for SE and here for standard. If you’re like me, you’ll be tearing up when you actually hear this at the theatre on December 14th.