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A Few thoughts on Doc Strange 2


1975 Werewolf By Night #32-33 – Doug Moench and Don Perlin


1976 Marvel Spotlight #28:  1st Moon Knight solo story, 1st appearance of Marlene

V1 – 1980 – Doug Sienkiewicz/Bill Moench 

  • Moon Knight #1:  Origin of Moon Knight, 1st appearance of Bushman, 1st appearance of Khonshu.  Marc Spector dies for the first time.
  • Moon Knight #29 – 30:  Moon Knight fights and later teams up with Werewolf by Night.

1987 The West Coast Avengers #21:  Moon Knight joins the West Coast Avengers.

V5 – 2006 – Charlie Huston/David Finch (8 issues)

V6 – Brian Michael Bendis/Alex Maleev (12 issues)

V7- 2014 – Warren Ellis/Declan Shalvey (6 issues) – 1st Mister Knight

V8 – 2017 – Jeff Lemire/Greg Smallwood (14 issues)

Rocco’s Modern Runs 


D+ Moon Knight discussion



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