2012 has had its ups and downs in film this year.  We’ve had some major successes, such as Avengers, Batman and Amazing Spider-Man (curious, how the greatest movies of this year so far have been Super Hero films), some good yet questionable ones, ie, Prometheus, and pretty much everything else – not worth much.  So when I saw the trailer for Riann Johnson’s Looper a few weeks back, I was definitely intrigued.   And having just seen in, I’m happy to say I’m still giddy about it.  You know, how when you see a good movie, it kind of gets stuck in our head cause you liked it so much?  Well, Looper accomplished that.

I’ll have to keep this short, as I don’t want to reveal any spoilers, but if you seen the trailer, then you’ll already know its an action/sci-fi film involving time travel.  What’s great about the film is not only how well it handled the time travel story (which can be a sensitive, paradoxical subject), but that there is actually more to the story then just that.  If you add the fact that you get to watch our good old Bruce Willis being who he is… awesome, along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (another actor I have begun to admire), this film will have you walking out the theatre without any regrets.

So, if you’re looking for an entertaining evening, go see Looper.  It might be the only interesting thing around till Skyfall and the Hobbit finally hit the big screen.