Everyone has had the feeling before when their favorite show is no longer being aired, and the story hasn’t quite wrapped up. In this situation, people often feel grief stricken, with questions left unanswered in their mind which can plague them for years. Some very notable examples of this can be found in Firefly and Constantine, but the bulk of shows which have been cut short are in the anime sector. This small section of television is an incredibly competitive market, with writers and designers fighting to get their shows aired. Unfortunately, though, this competition often leaves fans unhappy.

Angel Beats is a great example of this trauma, with its fans feeling unsatisfied with its mere 14-episode long run. Of course, though, this show didn’t end with answered questions. But, rather, in this case, viewers just want more. For many years, this show has been the subject of forum posts, articles, and even news stories focusing on the idea of new Angel Beats movies and seasons. It’s unlikely that this show will ever find its way onto the big screen again, but there is still some hope for die-hard fans.


In July 2017, Jun Maeda, who wrote the original series, announced that a series-true manga collection would be coming out to follow on from the TV show and other mangas. Of course, reading a book isn’t quite the same as watching a television show. But, particularly with manga-style books, this sort of media can be very refreshing. The book will no doubt feature beautiful artwork which is coupled with easy to follow plot. Some of this Manga has already been released, but full volumes will be hitting the shelves over the coming years.


In the run up to the release of the new books, a lot of people will want to catch up on the TV series which is already out. Doing this will give you the full background, and you may want to read some of the existing mangas, as well. Watching Angel Beats is nice and easy, as loads of websites have archives of the full series. Along with this, you can find copies of the mangas across loads of sites, with options like Amazon offering digital copies.


Anime is one of the best forms of television for this sort of reboot or continuation. Unlike other shows, it’s very easy to replicate the art styles and design of an anime show on paper. This enables writers to carry on their story, even if the network supporting them decides to go with someone else. There are loads of different shows which fall into this bracket, and most of them have a manga to go with them. So, if you’re sad that your favourite anime isn’t being made anymore, it might be worth a trip to the book shop.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to get out and start watching the anime classics you used to love. Along with this, it should also inspire you to explore the of the manga options out there, as these can be worth reading even if you don’t like the show they’re about. Of course, the shows without mangas can’t be forgotten, either.