Where’s the human touch of relationships anymore? You have Catfish and Google and Facebook and the list goes on. No one can be really private anymore when you can find out everything about a person just by Social Media. When does this become too much though? What would happen if you went a little too far and that ‘check-in’ you found on your crushes Twitter feed turned into stalking?

That’s one of the basic premises of the Hong Kong film, Love Stalk. Director Joe Fiorello and writer/producer Angie Palmer want their film to reintroduce some of the human element back into relationships. Their film is currently on IndieGoGo raising money to be completed. Below, we have the Press Release for the film so you can learn more about it!


For Immediate Release

Love Stalk, a Social Media Microfilm Turns Full-Length Feature

Hong Kong, Febuary 7th, 2014 – After the successful premiere of the microfilm Love Stalk in the film festivals in Hong Kong, Singapore and the U.S., independent filmmakers Angie Palmer and Joe Fiorello have gathered support to develop this social media thriller into a full-length feature. The teaser trailer for the feature was just launched today.

The opportunity to enter the One2Free Microfilm Contest 2012 brought Angie and Joe together, two seemingly different artistes but are tightly connected by the same vision and passion for independent films, a small niche and difficult market in Hong Kong. Their Fast Love entry got them the title of Grand Prize Winner in June. This inspired them to continuously look for opportunities to manifest their creativity and love for storytelling through the camera.

“There was great chemistry on set and I knew we would work together again very soon,” says Joe, a New Yorker in Hong Kong who is experienced in directing corporate videos and shorts. True enough, the microfilm version of Love Stalk was their next project a few months later.

“Being in a cosmopolitan city, we wanted a story that is a fish out of water tale, satire of social media addiction, and psychology thriller with interesting cultural elements from Hong Kong and Singapore,” says Angie. Angie is an actress, model, and producer who repatriated back to Hong Kong. Locally born and globally raised, she has been involved with many local and U.S. shorts, features, commercials, theater plays, hair shows, and fashion shows the last few years.

Love Stalk is a story of a Singaporean executive called Sharon Ong who has a hard time finding love in the one-night-stand capital of the world, Hong Kong. Her fortune seems to have changed when she briefly meets Ryan Tan and finds that he “checks in” online into one of her favorite spots. As Sharon starts following him through his check-ins, she soon realizes the dangers of stalking her secret crush.

This microfilm was made in 2012 with a budget of US$500 and a total of four cast and crew members who multitasked and thought out of the box, but producer Angie Palmer said it has a production value that is out of the ordinary. The team is developing Love Stalk into a feature- length movie since 2013 and is adamant about making it an independently funded project with private funds and crowdfunding. The teaser trailer for the feature version was just launched today and they are hoping to start principal photography in April.


Check out a teaser for the film below!

You can donate to Love Stalk by visiting their IndieGoGo page HERE.  You can also learn more about the film by visiting the Love Stalk site or by checking out and LIKING their Facebook.
Love Stalk poster