I guess you could say that the writing was on the wall when we saw Solo: A Star Wars Story bomb at the Box Office. At this time the film sits at $341 million Worldwide in earnings, nothing to normally scoff at; but this is a Star Wars film. Disney and Lucasfilm looks to be taking this as a sign that the fans don’t want to see any more Star Wars Story films and have placed them currently on hold.

Honestly, this news doesn’t bother me at all because really these are movies that don’t NEED to be made. I loved Rogue One but it certainly wasn’t a story that I was asking to be told. I loved the Solo film even more but at the end of the day, what does it REALLY matter? We all know that at the end he lives and goes on to help save the galaxy, so do us fans need to see the steps to how he gets there?

The real stain on all of this though is the one film that fans, included us at DFAT, actually wanted to see; and that’s an Obi Wan spinoff film. Ewan McGregor in the role was the shining star in the Prequels and since that time, fans have clamored to see what happens in the 19 years between Episodes III and IV. This decision pretty much dashes the fans dreams to see that film and leaves them scratching their heads at what’s next.

We do have a proposed Rian Johnson trilogy with new characters, films with Benioff and Weiss, and Episode IX. Other than that, we really don’t know what’s next. The sad thing about all this, besides probably not seeing a future Obi Wan film, is that it doesn’t seem like anyone at Lucasfilm knows what to do. There really doesn’t seem to be any vision at the company as to how to ‘bind the galaxy together’ with these movies past the Saga films. There’s hints of it with Solo’s ending and for that I applaud them. Yet, what’s the overall VISION of what’s going to happen next? Kathleen Kennedy is the boss but she’s not the Kevin Feige who says ‘This is the next 10 years worth of films and there’s a reason for them all.’ She’s a figurehead who commands a story group that is filled with brilliant minds who do a fantastic job on comics, tv, cartoons, and books; but are not really allowed to say what’s going on in the films.

We’ll keep you posted as to what comes out of this situation but in the meantime, put all your positive energy into hoping see see a McGregor-led Obi Wan film in the future.

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