Lucy is definitely a thrilling ride from the beginning. I wouldn’t consider this film to be an all out action movie, but it definitely takes us on one hell of a journey. The story deals with the age old question of the human mind; how much of our brain do we use? Are we capable of so much more? It is said that we only use ten percent of the brain’s mental ability, that ninety percent is still unexplored. This film explores the possibly of: what if? We entertain ourselves with spectacular notions that our mental capacity is capable of achieving so much more. The film industry which produces movies like X-men, Limitless, Phenomenon, and the Lawnmower Man, enriches our mind and tickles our ego by giving us a platform to debate on the issue of whether or not it is possible to go beyond our limitations. By exploring the issue of the expansion of the human mind, we fall into a dilemma as to whether or not we are ready for whatever we discover about ourselves. Just like space or the deep ocean, we can only speculate the possibilities of what we might find.

LUCY 01Scarlett Johansson plays Lucy, a drug mule who gets forced to smuggle a bag of drugs for the Korean mafia. She accidentally ingests the drugs into her body and all hell breaks loose. She definitely gets high marks playing this woman. Her ability to change her personality from a scared woman to this almost emotionless person is uncanny. The director uses the character Lucy to interpret his views on what the human mind could be capable of and what the consequences are if we reach our full potential. Scarlett delivers a great performance of a person who journeys down a path where only our imagination can take us. Morgan Freeman plays a professor trying to help Lucy unlock more of her mental abilities not for just his educational knowledge, but to also prove his theory about the human untapped potential to his collegiate peers. Morgan is a wonderful actor whom I have admired for quite awhile. Although his role in this film is supportive, he does bring a sense of educational intelligence to his character. I guess you can say that Lucy is the future of where we could end up, and Morgan portrays us in the here and now just getting our feet wet in the infinite pool of knowledge. The antagonists in this film are the Korean mafia; lead by led by the ruthless leader Jang, played by Korean actor Choi Min-Sik. You would probably recognize him in the critically acclaimed movie Oldboy. The mafia wants to sell the drug and by testing it they would take unwilling drug users and force them to snort it. It would have deadly consequences to the users, but not Lucy. The reason it worked for Lucy is explained in the film but I am not going to tell you. You just have to go and see the film.

Director Luc Besson does a good job blending action with philosophical messages. He definitely gives the audience something to think about when it comes to our existence. Although his interpretation of what are abilities might be if we expand further into our mental mind is a little too science fiction for me, it does entertain our senses.

I give this movie three out of five movie stubs. I recommend this film.

~The TruthSayer