So. How do we begin? It seems to be a very slow building process as we journey towards a Justice League movie. Promising news did come out SDCC, that the Man of Steel sequel is to feature Batman. Why do I like this? DC, in association with WB, does not over-promise on what they can deliver in terms of an on-going DC movie-verse. Looking to test the waters of a film that will at least team-up/match-up their heavy hitters, DC will play it safe. It’s the same reason why there are no after or mid credit scenes in MOS. I also like that David S. Goyer will get to write Batman again, rather re-write I hope. What will they call this movie if its the Man of Steel sequel, its kind of silly not to put Batman’s name in there, especially when you are going to sell tickets when you had mixed reviews for MOS. Another good move, making them be antagonists of each other. Why not? So many people hated Henry Cavill’s Superman because of the “drastic” character changes. Superman’s execution of Zod, spoiler alert, can easily be addressed as a learning experience, by having Clark learn from Bruce on this front, transforming the violence plot device. Batman is against killing. Hmmm, I wonder how he feels about what happened in Metropolis…


Good luck Clark dealing with Bruce on this one. So what does a Bats/Supes conflict movie work so well? It allows DC and WB to create a new Batman based on the events of Man of Steel. This is a much bigger world now, and how does Batman, a character that we are overly familar with (in a good way, no need for an origin story again), cope with powers and beings that he doesn’t understand……yet. The tease of lines from The Dark Knight Returns, from actor Harry Lennix (who played General Swanwick in MOS), quoting Frank Millar’s classic story:

I want you to remember, Clark…in all the years to come…in your most private moments…I want you to remember…my hand…at your throat…I want…you to remember…the one man who beat you.

Why the dramatics here? Its obvious what works, and a jolly old team-up movie won’t cut it. Zack Snyder confessed that it would be merely inspired by the original comic. GET OUT THE KRYPTONITE RING!

Batman VS Superman

Good enough for me. You see, I like Man of Steel mostly. I can’t really sit and read Superman comics. They bore me. When do I like Supes? When he is featured in Elseworlds tales. Stories like Speeding Bullets, Red Son, even Injustice are the ones that make me interested in the character. So throw whatever superhero in a movie with the guy, because Superman team-ups are what I want to see! So what comes next? Who knows, DC will gauge if the world is ready for more after MOS2, and I’m sure that movie is going to make some cash. Then I would like to see a Trinity movie, throwing in Wonder Woman. Why not?! Invasion of the Amazons? The crash of Steve Trevor? There are many different facets in which you could intelligently introduce the character. So get thinking Goyer, cuz you seem to be the man for DC now, call Brian Azzarello if you have any questions about Wonder Woman. In the end we know one thing, I Am Legend was correct about their visions of the future in one way, at least it was the way without scary shadow monsters.


Look for the epic battle of good vs good, yet disgruntled in 2015! And I am also very bummed that the announcement of a Flash movie was unfounded…

Stay tooned 😛


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