Michael Shannon has been rather mum about his role in the upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel. Shannon does offer up that the character will look different from Terrance Stamp‘s interpretation. Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Shannon, mostly about his upcoming movie The Iceman, from Yahoo! Movies:

Is there anything you can tell me about Zod?

He’s a general. On a planet called Krypton. I don’t know what to say about Zod. It’s shrouded in secrecy. [Long pause.] He’s a badass mofo.

A badass mofo in a jumpsuit like in “Superman 2”?
I will look slightly different than Terence Stamp because otherwise, what’s the point? It will all be slightly different. I think it’s pretty cool. I’m going to be doing so many interviews for the “Man of Steel.” I’ll save it for then. It is funny because people bring me pictures to sign at events and things, and there are all these mockups online and people imagining what I’m going to look like. There are some pretty funny ones, something with a black SS uniform and — what do you call it when you got the mustache and there’s this soul patch…

Oh, like a Zappa?

Yeah, like a T. Well, that’s totally wrong but I’ll sign it if you want me to.


Amy Adams, who plays Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane, is spilling more about her co-actors in Man of Steel, besides her super-crush on Cavill, we get a little insight on Michael Shannon’s representation of the Kryptonian baddie, General Zod!

“He’s fantastic. He’s terrifying. I only had a couple scenes with him.” 


Here’s the interview from MTV:


Man of Steel arrives in theaters June 14th, 2013

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