His own wish come true, Scott Snyder is being tapped to write a new ongoing series for DC Comics. Unfortunately Jim Lee will be doing the pencil work. I kid. This superstar team-up may have just have gotten me pumped about a Superman series! Man of Steel with be featured in The New(ish) 52, wave 4 or 5, next year and will probably be coinciding with the release of Zach Snyder’s film of the same name. Looks like DC Comics is not looking back. But it makes me think, do we really need another Superman title? The core series has not been doing so well, especially with the departure of George Perez, and Action Comics is about to get a new writer, by the name of Andy Diggle, when Morrison makes his departure. This is exciting news, I have always been a fan of Action Comics more than the core series, when Paul Cornell was writing around the Blackest Night, the Lex Luthor arc was one of my favorites in years, and I think it will be in good hands with Diggle. DC is picking up the all the good talent! I have great faith in Scott Snyder and what he has accomplished, but does this mean he will be departing from one of his current titles, meh…. only time will tell.

Stay tooned 😉