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Who is Jenny Olsen?

So what other MAJOR changes are David Goyer and Zach Snyder making in the upcoming Superman re-imagining Man of Steel? First it was Lawrence Fishburne (The Matrix) playing Perry White and now it looks like Jimmy Olsen may be getting a gender change. According to IMDB, Rebecca Buller (The Playboy Club) is listed to play Jenny Olsen. While this may just be a relative to the one and only Jimmy Olsen, Jimmy himself is not even listed as a character in the movie NOR has anyone been announced to play him, something that should have been done by this point in the production! Also take a look at this still from the trailer and judge for yourself, it shows Fishburne and Buller running from epic destruction:

Man of Steel Buller Fishburne

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Two more Villains join the Fray is reporting that two more villains will be part of Man of Steel. Just like Iron Man 3’s mystery villain may have been spoiled, a LEGO set has revealed a villain in MOS. Tor-An is listed as part of the Superman Battle of Smallville Lego playset. Tor-An will be played by Richard Cetrone, while another Phantom Zone villain named Dev-Em will appear in the movie, Dev-Em will be played Revard Dufresne. Both actors are alumni’s of Sucker Punch, which was directed by Snyder and a movie you should check out if you have not already! Keep it right here at DFAT for updates to this story!



Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14th!!

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