Ultimates, Kick-Ass, Superior, Wanted, Marvel’s EFFIN Civil War!! Mark Millar has been responsible for some of this age’s greatest pop-culture epics. Today, it only gets better.

Hot off the announcement of a theatrical release date of June 28th,2013 for Kick-ASS 2! Mark Millar announced today that director Joe Carnahan (The A-Team) would be taking the helm on the big-screen adaptation of Nemesis. Remember when we told you Fox gave up on Daredevil? read it here.  Carnahan will also co-write the script alongside Matthew Millar (Mark’s bro). Also the  rumor is that  Liam Neeson is possibly being cast as Detective Blake Morrow, Nemesis’ nemesis (haha). If you are not familiar with Nemesis, here is a short synopsis (minor spoilers)..

  In response to Officer Blake Morrow imprisoning his parents for a hunting game involving runaway teenagers and their rich friends, and therefore robbing young Matthew Anderson of a normal childhood, Nemesis’ ultimate goal is to destroy now Police Chief Morrow and everything he holds dear. All of the other cops he has terrorized have just been practice up until this point. Now he is finally ready to face down Blake Morrow. Now the ultra-violent fun would begin.

Nemesis was a four issue limited series released in 2010, it is collected in graphic novel, and is available for preorder @ TFAW. If you like Mark Millar’s work I highly suggest you pick it up, my jaw dropped more than a couple times.


VIA: MillarWorld Forums