Casey Fun Fact: Mark Millar is my favorite comic book writer. I’ve been following his work since he came into Marvel and spear-headed the ‘Ultimate’ Universe alongside Brian Michael Bendis. From there, he created his own MillarWorld and launched titles like: Kick-Ass, Wanted, Supercrooks, and Superior. It’s the latter to which we are getting some news today.

Millar has thrown it out to the Millarverse that he’d like actor John Cena to step into the title role of Superior. The seven-issue comic follows a kid with MS, who gets amazing powers to turn into his favorite movie superhero. The comic is a light more light-hearted than some of Millar’s other works, but it’s still amazing and the script is currently being written by Brandon and Phillip Murphy (Transference). It’s being produced by Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman: The Secret Service) and Tarquin Pack.

Millar loved Cena’s work in the Amy Schumar film, Trainwreck; and that’s what drew him to the actor. I actually find Cena to be a pretty good actor, as I liked his films 12 Rounds and The Marine. Expect to hear Cena’s response in the coming weeks and let’s all hope he nabs the role, as he would do fantastic in it.