This is a pretty low key episode where not a lot of action takes place.  Instead we get to dig a little deeper in Jarvis’ past and trying to find Stark’s missing Bad Babies.  Carter is trying to get settled in her new residence at the Griffith Apartment and the SSR are still on the hunt for Howard Stark.

Agent Carter Time and Tide 01The Good

  • This episode feels like an old crime story where the cops track down clues and interrogate suspects.
  • While Agent Thompson interrogates Jarvis for the Roxxon explosion/implosion, Carter puts her job and credibility on the line to help Jarvis clear his involvement.
  • Carter begins to use her investigative skills to find out where Stark’s missing Bad Babies are. She and Jarvis end up in the sewer tunnels that lead to the river.
  • Carter and Jarvis find the missing Stark Bad Babies on a boat, but get a visit from one of Brannis’ henchman that roughs them up, until Carter uses one of Stark’s Bad Babies to subdue him.
  • Carter wants to call it in to the SSR, but Jarvis convinces her to do it anonymously to draw attention away from her. He’s afraid that will implicate Carter with Howard Stark and brand her as a traitor along with him.
  • We find out how Jarvis (and his wife) made it to America and into the services of Howard Stark.
  • Jarvis uses his horrible American accent to call in the tip to the SSR.
  • Agent Sousa and Krzeminski follow the anonymous tip that Jarvis gave them and found Stark’s Bad Babies. While transporting Brannis’ henchman, Krzeminski gets killed by a mysterious stranger along with the henchman.
  • Carter finds out about Krzeminski’s demise the next day at the SSR. Chief Dooley accuses Howard Stark for his death and vows to bring him to justice.  Carter feels responsible.

Agent Carter Time and Tide 02The Bad

  • Not a lot of action this week.
  • Agent Carter feels more alone at the SSR than ever after the death of Kreminski.

Agent Carter is still fighting an uphill battle at the SSR, while trying to be a super spy on the side.  Her personal obstacles get tougher to overcome and it almost cost her job.  Her personal wall is still up even after her friend Angie tries to break it down, but she is slowly warming up to her.  Her professional relationship with Jarvis is still rocky but it is getting better, but unfortunately her role as an agent in the SSR has not improved.  The show is starting to build up momentum and I know it is going to get better.

Marvel Agent Carter S1E3 “Time and Tide” recap