Howard sneaks back in New York to retrieve one of his inventions that he claims could be disastrous if it is triggered.  The SSR are looking into the background of the two dead Russians that were trying to steal Stark’s inventions.  Agent Carter uncovers a painful secret and deception from someone she trusted.  Agent Sousa is one step closer to finding out who were at the pier the night Krzeminski was killed.

Agent Carter The Blitzkrieg Button 01The Good

  • Chief Dooley travels to Germany where the two dead Russians originated from, to interrogate a Nazi colonel who led the Battle of Finow against the Russians. Turns out the battle were just a cover up for a bloody massacre that the Nazis never initiated.
  • Dooley finds out that Stark was there one day after the supposed battle. He now believes that Stark is part of that conspiracy.
  • Stark asks Carter to steal back a particular invention from the SSR. He calls this invention “The Blitzkrieg Button”.  It is an EMP device with some bugs to work out.  The device can be activated, but it can’t be turned off.  New York would be thrown back to the Stone Age for a very long time if turned on.
  • Carter steals it back, but finds out that it is actually a vial of Steve Rogers’ blood. Carter confronts Stark, and accuses him of capitalizing on Steve’s extraordinary gifts for himself.
  • A blond haired man, Mr. Mink, follows Carter to her residence in the hope that he would steal back the money and the invention she and Jarvis tried to set him up for. He is greeted by Dottie, a female resident at the Griffith Hotel.  She attacks him with deadly precision and takes his special automatic pistol.  Who is she?
  • Agent Sousa finds a witness at the pier that saw Carter and Jarvis there that night where Kreminski was murdered. The witness says he saw a dark haired lady.  Sousa begins to get suspicious about the blond at the nightclub, maybe she is actually a brunette.
  • The magic typewriter begins to type, and Dooley is there to see it.
  • Stan Lee makes a cameo. Holy S@#$%!!!!!!!


  • Agent Thompson is a male chauvinist thug who treats Carter like second class. He finally reveals his true feeling toward her.
  • What is the story with Dottie? Who is she?  Is she there because of Carter?
  • Howard Stark’s character and integrity in this episode is pretty low, even for him.
  • I would have loved to see Mr. Mink mix it up with Carter, which would have been fun.

STAN LEE (OBSCURED), DOMINIC COOPER, JAMES D'ARCYThis episode Howard Stark’s paper trail in connection with the two dead Russians and the Battle of Finow is not helping him.  Carter gets to see another side of Stark she absolutely despises, but is not surprised. “ The Blitzkrieg Button” is a perfect name for this episode, because Carter got blindsided by him.  Next week, the Howling Commandos…!!