This week Agent Carter gets to show off her fighting skills when going on an SSR mission with Agent Thompson and the Howling Commandos.  Chief Dooley digs into more of Stark’s involvement in the war.  Agent Sousa is one step closer to finding out who the blonde is at the nightclub when the SSR raided the place.  Dottie’s mysterious behavior is starting to become clearer.

Agent Carter Iron Ceiling 02The Good

  • Carter takes the initiative and convinces Chief Dooley that she should go on the mission with Agent Thompson to Russia and find Stark and bring him back home.
  • The Howling Commandos guest stars. It’s good to see them again.  Carter’s witty banter with Dum Dum Dugan is pretty funny.
  • In Russia, Carter, Thompson, and the Commandos discover that Stark was never there, but a recruitment center for brainwashing, and two prisoners, an engineer and his psychiatrist are.
  • They find that the engineer is forced to build a machine that can bend light and wavelengths into a weapon. The schematics were stolen from Stark.
  • Leviathan is mentioned again. Chief Dooley believes this to be a Russian covert organization.
  • Dottie’s girl next door image is tarnished when she breaks in Carter’s room and starts looking through her stuff. She finds Steve Roger’s photo on Carter’s dresser.  It is discovered that Dottie came from the same recruitment center in Russia. Could we be seeing the origin of the Black Widow program in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
  • Carter does a Rambo at the prison escape in Russia near the end of the episode.
  • Agent Sousa starts matching up the physical build and scars from Carter’s profile and matches it with the photo taken from the nightclub where she was seen as the blonde. Sousa is starting to get suspicious of Carter.
  • After the Russian mission, Thompson reveals his dark secret from the war to Carter.
  • Dooley is seen with Jarvis trying to convince him to get Stark to come in the SSR just to talk.
  • Thompson is starting to see Carter as a good agent and soldier. He even invites her to have a drink with the boys.

Agent Carter Iron Ceiling 01The Bad

  • I missed some of the episode because of the news keep breaking in due to a tragic train crash.
  • I still don’t know who is behind Leviathan, and framing Stark.
  • Dottie’s mission is still a mystery. Could she be Yelena Belova?! Why is she infatuated with Carter?

This episode definitely gave us a Rambo-esque Agent Carter when shooting up things and people.  It is nice to see Carter become the action heroine I knew she could be.  Dottie’s story is starting to develop into something that can give Carter a real problem in the near future.  The Howling Commandos gave this episode a refreshing splash of comic relief and just the right testosterone to make this story entertaining to watch.  Nest week Carter is in hot water with the SSR.

Marvel Agent Carter S1E5:  “The Iron Ceiling” recap