The Must see multiple mutant flick coming in 2014 is X-Men Days of Future Past, and now that both Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch have been announced to be in Avengers 2, the mutant mayhem can begin. Take a look at these great images featuring Jennifer Lawrence in full Mystique gear and Peter Dinklage practicing lines with Bryan Singer.

Mystique Jennifer Lawrence


Ellen Page recently spoke with Collider  about her experience on the set of X-Men DOFP, check out the full interview over there!

kitty ellen page“I didn’t know for that long.  I knew they were kind of doing it, but I didn’t expect it.  I didn’t expect to play Kitty Pryde again, so when that came up and I met with Bryan, because I didn’t work with Bryan I worked with Brett Ratner, it was just awesome.  I feel so grateful to be back… Really, truly, it’s not like something I’ve known for a year by any means.  I really didn’t know that long before we went to shoot.”

On the set experience and working with 3D:

“It’s pretty wild.   Just the cameras are massive, and it’s interesting to talk to Bryan, because him expressing—just as like a film nerd—the difference and the challenges of shooting 2D vs 3D, that’s just an interesting thing to know about.  But also, just when you’re on the side watching the monitor, obviously they have 3D monitor screens for hair and makeup people and everyone watching, it just looks so incredible.  It does.  Obviously, combining the old cast and the new cast this movie is going to be epic in scope.”


Stay tooned 😛