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A blast from the past, or should I say future, will be showing up in the pages of Superior Spider-Man. Check out the following video as Dan Slott reveals who it will be:

Miguel O’Hara, crazy shite! Can’t wait to see how this is treated. I think it’s pretty awesome that Marvel is still adapting properties that could have been lost years ago!

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Fearless Defenders



So who is this new heroine that will be joining the ranks of the Fearless Defenders when the title relaunches with Marvel NOW! ?? Hippolyta!  In Greek mythology, Hippolyta is the queen of the Amazons who possesses a magical girdle that serves, essentially, as a crown; it’s her indicator of that birthright. It seems as though that’s the golden thing we see with the eagle.




Journey into Mystery

When Journey in to Mystery picks back up again under the Marvel NOW! banner, our Asgardian heroes will have a new challenge in front of them! Check out this teaser poster for what’s to come:








Shock shock, another Marvel NOW! title is on its way, here is the latest teaser poster titled “Birth”. More to come.


Stay tooned 😛



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