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So apparently Marvel Comics doesn’t believe we have enough X-men titles on the shelves already. Marvel NOW!’s aggressive release schedule and marketing schemes have given us (shoved down our throats) close to 10 X-titles already, but don’t fret mutant fans here comes another!


Brian Wood (DMZ) and Olivier Coipel (Thor) will team on this new series coming in April. There is a lot of speculation on what this teaser implies: Mutants, woman, who knows! All I know is that in order to read every title and every issue of Marvel NOW! I will have to become a comic pirate. Something that I have never been a fan of doing, but dark times call for dark measures!

And then there’s this upcoming plot line for Thunderbolts:


This is as bad as the Superman/Wonder Woman kiss…..’effin soap operas we got on our hands now!

Stay Tooned 😛


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