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The Age of Ultron is upon us!! On March 6th it all begins! And from the looks of things to come, especially with a few of the famous “preview” banners for upcoming series, hinting at what’s to come! The first we have a look at Of The Dead!


Will this be a resurgence of the Marvel Zombies franchise? I hope so, its rumored that George Romero is attached! Get ready for Marvel’s Blackest Night!

But then there are these two:

One is speculated to be a jab at DC’s New 52, kinda looks like Wolverine sliced up that poster. Nonetheless the poster that interests me is the #1. So are we looking at something happening in the Marvel Universe that would reset everything. Many think so. I’ll let you judge for yourselves Towelites, but Age of Ultron may not be the book to miss! I mean look at the panels below from Age of Ultron issue # 3! Is there a major shake-up coming for the Marvel U?? I believe so.

Art from AGE OF ULTRON #3 from Marvel Comics
Art and Cover by BRYAN HITCH

So either Zombies or killer robots will wipe out everything we have come and learned to love and maybe hate about the Marvel Universe.

Stay tooned 😛


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