X-Factor Ending?!

X-Factor_Investigations_SmallAfter about a decade of great storytelling, Peter David will be ending his epic run on X-Factor. One of the most unusual books in the Marvel and an unexpected hit among comic book fans, I spent a great deal of time reading this series. It will be missed but don’t look at it as the series being canceled and don’t expect David to just cut it off. David promises to give fans the ending we deserve.

Announced Sunday afternoon during Marvel’s X-Men panel at C2E2 in Chicago, the news isn’t completely unexpected. In March, the publisher solicited a six-part arc titled “The End of X-Factor” starting with June’s X-Factor #257, but observers wondered if that might not be meant entirely literally, or possibly was a prelude to a relaunch with a new #1. But it is indeed the end of X-Factor for at least the foreseeable future, and the conclusion to David’s run that started with 2004′s Madrox miniseries.


Wolverine Vulnerable?!



Sounds like The Age of Ultron will have some major reprecussions on everyone’s favorite mutant, Wolverine. In a story line that has seems to have some parallels to the new movie’s plot line of Logan loosing his healing factor, Paul Cornell will begin a new arc called Killable starting in Wolverine #7!


The Return of the Accursed!



Another parallel story line to an upcoming movie, Thor villain Malekith The Accursed will be returning to battle the Asgardians in the Marvel NOW! series, Thor: God of Thunder by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney.

“This will involve a chase through the Nine Realms as Malekith is resurrected and brought out of the realm of the dead. We’ll see a new overview of the Nine Realms and how they all connect together. Thereafter, we’ll get back to young Thor and old Thor.”


Stay tooned 😛


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