The thing about Marvel Comics these days is that with the new Marvel NOW! initiative, comic books are coming out a lot faster. Events, like the current Original Sin, may run 6 issues but we are now looking at it lasting two months. This is opposed to some “events” lasting up to a half a year, and really the fact here is that you don’t remember what has happened over that long period of time, or a reader loses interest and stops reading all together.

Well whatever you preference may be, Marvel is ready to unleash its latest event on the world, Axis. First revealed to the world at C2E2 in Chicago, there aren’t many details out there except it looks as if our favorite heroes will have their hands full when the supervillains decide to team-up! There is a new ad, with art by Jim Cheung, that Marvel has placed in the Subway system of NYC to advertise the upcoming comic book convention, Special Edition NYC.

Special Edition NYC Poster


Also, Previews Magazine is has revealed their special Axis cover that feature the villains of the upcoming story, art on this also by Cheung. Whatever the case may be, it looks like the Marvel heroes have their hands full come this fall!

Marvel Axis villainsLook for more news on this upcoming event from Special Edition NYC when it comes to the Javits Center in NYC this June! If you are going to be in the New York City area June 14th and 15th, tickets are still available for the show. As of now Rick Remender is the only talent announced to be working on the project, look for the artist to be announced soon!