After New York Comic Con, Marvel has been releasing some pretty ridiculous teasers. While some news sites, that will not be named, have been posting a variety of unsupported claims to some of the teasers, specifically the Civil War teaser, chalking it up to the plot of Captain America 3. I can quickly explain what I think of these teasers and briefly give you my reasoning as to why the Civil War will not be the plot of Captain America 3.

There are no small wars

To put it simply, Civil War was a major event in the comics. Now while this doesn’t mean that it won’t be tackled in the films, I don’t think it will be contained to a single film. There are also rumors that this is just the first stepping stone to the Civil War. I can only point to a quote regarding the Civil War from the Russo brothers, writers of Captain America: Winter Soldier and Cap 3:

It’s complex. There are a lot of characters. Marvel doesn’t have ownership of some of the key players in that. […] I don’t run Marvel, so I can’t say that it won’t happen, but I would say that it is highly unlikely.

Now while this quote doesn’t entirely debunk Civil War, this next one about producer Kevin Feige’s idea for the film hammers in a nicely sized nail into that coffin:

If you’ve been talking to Kevin the title has been in place probably for ten years in his brain. It’s all part of the road map that he’s laid out, and it’s all part of the bigger plan.

Ignoring the superficiality that Civil War hasn’t even been out for ten years, and as mentioned in the quote earlier, they don’t own the rights to the X-Men, Spider-man or the Fantastic Four, all major players in Civil War, I think that Kevin Feige is planning a story that critically effects Captain America, while also yields intense hype. My theory is Fallen Son. Now I don’t think that they will kill him off in this film, but who knows, I do believe much like Age of Ultron and Winter Soldier, they will use this well known title to build hype while evolving the story to fit the needs of the cinematic universe. Now back to what this article is really about. If not the films, what was the Civil War teaser about?

Overwhelmingly Huge

So as I wrote about earlier this month, there was a huge announcement at NYCC. It was Secret Wars, something that Tom Brevoort said was the biggest, most ambitious event that he has ever worked on, having been working at Marvel since 1989, that’s a hefty claim. Now it wasn’t outright mentioned that Secret Wars was the actual event itself, seeing as it shares the name of the event that set the bar for all events that came afterwards. What was mentioned by Brevoort was, “However massive you think this is, let me assure you it is bigger than that. It’s by far the craziest thing I’ve dealt with.“. So let me tell you I was excited, but then a crazy thing happened, it evolved. And boy did it evolve with a ferocity. Soon we received this nice image: Civil War 01

My first thought was, what does this have to do with Secret Wars. The message I sent to the guys here at DFAT was and I quote “[This has to be] something to do with Secret War, what if the event isn’t Secret War, but a rewrite of major events like Civil War and Secret War?

Now mind you, at the time people began to make wild speculations masquerading as fact, devoid of the faintest crumbs of journalistic integrity. Merely making click-bait articles that served the public in absolutely no factual way, making statements without sources, without quoting even. These “articles” were conjecture, and the worst part was, people thought that it was fact, that these “journalists” had information that the people didn’t. This is what we call yellow journalism. Somethings I find disgusting, something that devalues fact and true journalism. Rant aside, I think I hit the nail on the head the first time around. I think this an event of events.

Everything Dies

Something that really stuck with me about this major event, was that it was going to spiral out of the current Avengers and New Avengers crossover event, Time Runs Out. Time Runs Out is about what happens at the end of everything. Quite literally, the multiverse is collapsing, pushing things into other universes as the boundaries between universes fades away. There is no stopping it, only prolonging the inevitable. This has been pounded into our heads by Hickman during his run on the comics. This event to end all events may literally be just that. The end. All times and universes squashing down to one moment, to one universe. That’s the theory I developed after this was released:AOU vs Marvel Zombies

It all fell together. After Age of Ultron, this universe has been dying. In fact all the universes are dying, The Amazing Universe has pinnacle characters dying, the timestream being stretched, new characters pushed through walls in the universe. That was just the start. Then more started to surface:Years of Future Past

And the next day:

Planet Hulk

and most recently today:Armor Wars

It’s beginning to look as if all of our major players are getting their heyday as they are faced with their biggest most life-changing events. How all of this comes to a close, I couldn’t tell you. There’s a saying, to make an event, you have to break a couple of worlds, or something along those lines. Is this the end of 616 and the beginning of some sort of amalgamation of all the universes. A fight to the finish, with only the best being left. We can only speculate. That is the only fact.