Ever since Marvel got the rights back from Dark Horse to make Star Wars comics, they have been on a roll. The main Star Wars comic written by Jason Aaron kills it every Month, and many of the one-off stories like Greg Rucka‘s ‘Shattered Empire‘ and Charles Soule‘s ‘Lando‘, are absolute show-stealers. Yet, none of these have been more bombastic and thrilling than Kieron Gillan‘s ‘Darth Vader.’

The comic is easily the best out of any of the series, as you delve deeper into the psyche and mythology of the greatest villain of all-time. Yes, he really is. Take a picture of Darth Vader into the most destitute of third world countries and I guarantee you that everyone there will know that character is pure evil; regardless of seeing the films or not.

Unfortunately, the Darth Vader comic will be going away after issue #25. We were hoping to hear some news about the future of one of our favorite SW characters this at Star Wars Celebration in Europe; but instead were left with some looks at the upcoming #21 and #25 issues. No other announcements were made about future comics either.

darth vader #21 interiors

I’m HOPING that since next weekend is San Diego Comic Con, that they are saving all the true comic book stuff for them. It would make sense, but again, it’s a real shame not to get any Star Wars comic news at a Star Wars convention. We’ll keep you posted on what we find out at SDCC, but until that time, enjoy some shots of the end of Darth Vader Days thanks to Star Wars Underworld. 

darth vader comics #25