No one stays dead in comics, no one. Cable, the time-travelin’ son of Cyclops and Madelyn Pryor is making his return to Marvel Comics in a big way, by starting up his original team X-Force. Series writer Dennis Hopeless gives us a little insight to Cable and X-Force, you can find the full interview over at


“You have Cable, Forge, Domino, Colossus and Dr. Nemesis. In my mind this is a crime series, so I tried to cast the book like you would a bank robbery. This isn’t a family or a school. It’s a crew. A safe cracker may hate her getaway man, but at the end of the night, she still needs him to drive the car. Cable puts the team together for their skills, not because he thinks they’ll get along. Our first arc is the story of how Cable and his X-Force become the world’s Most Wanted mutant terrorists. You know how at the beginning and end of every ‘Mission Impossible’ movie Tom Cruise is a spy, but in the middle he’s an international criminal on the run from the whole world? That’s what we’re doing here. How hard is it to save the world when you’re also on the run from the law?”
Marvel is making it harder and harder to deny any of their titles and they love to take my money. Cable and X-force begin their run from the law this December!
Stay tooned 😛