Thanos is coming. Infinity from Marvel Comics is coming this August. The talented Jonathan Hickman takes the helm on this project, which will span 18 issues! Now with the way they released Age of Ultron, its not hard to see that Infinity will probably run on a three week basis. Expensive as this is I still have a hard time denying anything coming from the leads of Marvel. I also think that when a series is spread out too much, for example monthly, it can be hard to keep up, or perhaps the delivery of the story line can get lost in translation. In terms of cross-overs, editor Tom Brevoort had the following to say:

“Both Avengers and New Avengers will be doing full-fledged tie-ins throughout the duration of Infinity. So that’s six issues of Avengers, #18-23, and four issues of New Avengers, #9-12,” Brevoort explained. “On top of that, there’ll be an assortment of tie-ins in other titles across the Marvel line, books as diverse as Scarlet Spider and Thunderbolts and Wolverine & the X-Men and Captain Marvel. Not to mention many of the other Avengers books.”


Oh and don’t think that Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova won’t play a HUGE part! BUT don’t miss this:


What a way to kick off the series, FREE Comic Book Day preview! Hickman went on to say that Infinity is only act 1 of what’s to come, this is only the beginning, Hickman apparently has two years of material ready to go. From the looks of the cover of the free comic, characters from every corner of the Marvel U will be affected. Don’t think that humans, and mutants, will be the only race to face the terror of Thanos, we of course will see appearances from the Skrulls, the Kree, the Shi’ar, and more! Marvel is ready to drive the big purple guy into our brains just in time for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie next year! Head on over to for the full story!

Stay tooned 😛


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