UPDATE: A new She-Hulk series, from writer Charles Soule, is on its way February 2014. More to come because it doesn’t really match up to the posters below!

What does Brian Michael Bendis have up his sleeve next for the Marvel universe? According to two, familiar looking Marvel NOW!, posters someone(s) is going to court. Check out both of the posters, Trial and Judgement below! What do you think Towelites? Is this a followup to Bendis’ current X-event, “Battle of Atom” or something completely new? Sound off in the comments! Whatever is going to happen, the big reveal will be at NYCC this year during the Amazing X-Men and Marvel U Panel on Friday, October 11th @ 11am! See you there!

Marvel TRIAL


Hopefully they mean something along the lines of this:


Stay tooned 😛



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