Marvel NOW! is slowly approaching….who am I kidding! It was only a few days ago that Marvel started with the one word promos you see above, and now the ONSLAUGHT of news is coming at us! The Lightning promo obviously hinted at the Thunderbolts returning but I never thought that it would be in such mind-blowing fashion! Please take a second and study the cover to Thunderbolts #1, I’ll see you in a second.



From the likes of past Thunderbolts team members such as Baron Zemo, Moonstone, sucky Venom (Scorpion style), and other rejects from the Master’s of Evil, or rehabilitated villains who no one really cared about, the Thunderbolts titles have always been kinda ‘MEH’ to me, not anymore.  I am blown away by the choices Marvel has made and the BALLS it took to give us a collaboration like this. The Red Hulk, aka General “Thunderbolt” Ross (quite appropriate), Elektra, Flash Thompson Venom, THE PUNISHER!, and Deadpool (no surprise here, but way better than showing up in another X book) are a TRUE team to be reckoned with! Here is a quote from series editor Jordan White:

T-Bolts has gone through quite a few shifts over the years, some more radical than others. This one is going to be a pretty big change in that none of the characters or plotlines from the previous series are carrying over. It’s a new take, but one that is grounded in that original idea that has always been woven into the fabric of the series, the hero/villain dichotomy, and characters bridging the gap between them. If you look at our roster, every one of our characters is a character who started out as a villain in their first appearances but who has, over the years, made the shift to hero… or at least anti-hero. Unlike the most recent Thunderbolts, this group is not working for any government program — this is Red Hulk’s team, to do with as he sees fit.”

Thunderbolts #1 hits stores this December, it is written by Daniel Way and drawn by Steve Dillion.

Stay tooned 😛



Thanks to SuperHeroHype for the heads up