During my monthly routine of surfing TFAW‘s website to find out what new comic books I can preorder, I realized something that I may have overlooked when getting excited about the new Marvel NOW! era that is about to be unleashed. Now, I understand when a title will come out every two weeks, Avengers vs X-Men was like this, very aggressive, not so bad because it was ONE title. BUT ALL OF YOUR TITLES? Seriously Marvel?! I am ordering most of your number one issues, but I am not going to shell out money twice a month for every title I want to follow, I can wait for TPB. It’s very discouraging to see a company pull this kind of crap, I think it’s kinda greedy. You can’t just put out a decent book once a month, instead you put out two at FULL price. Not only that, most of your titles are $4 a piece! This strategy seems like it will push more readers away then reel them in with this new NOW! era. Maybe its just me, but I was really working forward to this, but after this revelation I’m not too sure how many Marvel books are going to find their way onto my pull list. Shame on you Marvel, especially after fans dished out money to support The Avengers movie like they did, you turn around and pull s*%t like this.

Stay tooned 😛