Hey Towelites! It’s time to round up the latest news and rumor coming out of Marvel’s Phase 2!!

Behold!! Our first look at Malekith, king of the Dark Elves, played by Christopher Eccleston, and his Dark Elf army!! Head on over to Imnotobsessed.com to see a whole slew of the pics by clicking here.

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 Recently, Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki recently spoke with GQ magazine, here’s a snippet in regards to the future of the Marvel franchises:

Q.com: You’re filming Thor: The Dark World at the moment – are you feeling more pressure after the success of Avengers?
Hiddleston: It’s mostly self-applied pressure actually. I remember Chris [Hemsworth] and I saying over the summer when Avengers came out, where do we go now? Going into this one we were – very flatteringly – involved in big creative conversations about tone, and story. Thor and Loki are these two characters that people know and love and understand – so we have to take this in the right direction. You want to do something new – you don’t want to re-heat the same recipe in the microwave, you want to cook up something different and exciting – but you don’t want to lose the things that worked the first time. So we’re our own slave drivers, in a way. Complacency is the enemy. But that’s exciting and it’s going well. I have never seen a group of actors or a crew work harder.

How has Avengers influenced the rest of the Marvel franchises? Loki being Hulk smashed – you can’t ignore that has happened.
Hiddleston: Yeah! [laughs] He’s certainly eaten humble pie. The springboard for us in the second Thor film is at the end of Avengers you see Thor and Loki beamed up back to Asgard. The first question that we all asked was “what happens next? What does Odin have to say about the events of Avengers?” What’s Jane Foster been up to while she wasn’t involved?” It’s really exciting, actually. We’re literally half way through – we started at the start of August and we should be finished by Christmas. It’s going beautifully.


Big rumor news for all of you original Avengers fans who had a gripe with Marvel Studios leaving out Ant-Man and Wasp of the first film and maybe a little hint at which incarnation of Ant-Man we will see in 2015! Check out this video from Clever Movies with a little insight into the rumor:

Like it?! I do! I hope it comes true….but I think they are off by the “nuts” comment, I think a better guess is Squirrel Girl from the Great Lakes Avengers!

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