One of the best things about going to PAX East is actually getting your hands on the games and playing them first hand. Myrrick had that opportunity to do just that, with the upcoming chapter in the Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign video game from Demiurge Studios and Marvel Studios. 

The game was released on October 3rd, 2013 and it keeps adding more Marvel heroes and villains, as well as new chapters to the Dark Reign storyline. At the Demiurge Studios booth, Game publisher Michael Cerven, was kind enough to tell us about the gameplay and storyline of the puzzle actioneer.

Cerven explained that the events of the game take place after Marvel’s Civil War. You can be superheroes or villains, or have a team that consists of both. There are a ton of characters to play with and unlock. MPQ will let you form attacks on your opponents by maneuvering like-colored gems together to form a row. When the blocks get large enough, you can power up your attacks and even unleash super moves to score bigger points and eventually take out your adversary.

Check out some screenshots from the game below!

As Myrrick played on, it became apparent this game is very addicting and appeals to video game and comic fans alike. If you’re into strategy puzzle games the like of Bejeweled, or even Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, you’ll enjoy this game a ton! Thanks so much to Michael Cerven and Demiurge Studios for letting us try out this great game and showing us around the booth!

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is out now for Android and iOS.