If you’re like Chris and I, you have feverishly been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest from D3 Publishing and Demiurge Studios for the past year. The game takes the simple puzzle-matching mechanics of Bejeweled, and adds your favorite Marvel characters to the mix. I’ve spent countless hours and dollars on the game and watched it grow to a juggernaut (pun intended) of a game in these past 365 days.

For New York Comic Con, I had the good chance to speak with Michael Cerzen and Joe Fletcher from D3 about their anniversary. With this auspicious occasion MPQ will be rolling out two new characters, Devil Dinosaur and Thor: Goddess of Thunder!


Marvel Puzzle Quest 2014Casey: I love the game and have been obsessed with playing it since I first started when I heard about it when Jackie visited your booth PAX.

D3: Thank you. Yeah PAX was crazy, we had a really good time there. 

Casey: How have the fans been responding?

D3: Very very well. We have to admit that we’re addicted to our own game and the fans have praised it, which is why we are here a year later. 

Casey: Who comes up with the story lines for the game?

D3: The prologue was written by Frank Tieri (Punisher, Iron Man). It is now being written by Alex Irvine (Marvel: Avengers Alliance)

Casey: I know that you are premiering Devil Dinosaur and Thor: Goddess of Thunder soon. How do you come up with who to put in the game?

D3: A lot of that comes from who we like and want to see in it, a lot of it comes from the fans and the message boards. We are constantly reaching out to them to ask them who they want to put out in the game. Doctor Octopus was a character they really wanted, Colossus was another one. It’s a case where people 

Casey: What’s your relationship with Demiurge Studios like?

Marvel Puzzle Quest 2014 1 2D3: We spend almost every day with Demiurge about how the game is getting developed and talking with Marvel to approve the artwork that gets incorporated. 

Casey: What star level is Devil Dinosaur?

D3: He’s a four star character that everyone will get for free when they reach days 365, 366, and 367. He’s your reward for your own anniversary in the game. 

Casey: Any plans to take the game to consoles?

D3: Ironically enough, we originally thought of the game as a console game. It worked so well on the mobile front so we went with that. 

Casey: You guys are obviously having a lot of fun doing this, any plans for more cons?

D3: We love it. We had a lot of fun at C2E2 and PAX East. We plan on doing more shows next year. It was a lot of fun doing them. 

It was a great time talking to Michael and Joe from D3 and I can’t wait to keep playing Marvel Puzzle Quest for years to come. Make sure to check out their website to download the game, LIKE them on Facebook, and follow them on the Twitters!

Marvel Puzzle Quest 2014 1