Venom is one of those villains that I actually enjoyed more than their superhero foe, and in Venom’s case he eventually became the hero, well kinda. I’m talking original Venom, Eddy Brock, of course. Though I think the current version with Flash Thompson is a neat idea, Venom will always be Brock to me. Now, Marvel Select is finally getting around to sculpting this long over-due figure. I do enjoy Marvel Select’s sculpts and attention to detail but in regards to articulation, I don’t buy Marvel Select figures for that, they are strictly for display. But this may be changing for the better soon. Here’s the write-up for Venom:

Marvel toy collectors have been clamoring for it for years, and Diamond Select is finally giving it to them – a figure of classic Spider-Man villain Venom! Depicting Eddie Brock, the original Venom, the Marvel Select Venom Action Figure stands over 8-inches tall, with 16 points of articulation and 4 interchangeable heads and hands, to depict the anti-hero in numerous looks from his long history. This symbiotic Spidey foe comes in oversized collector packaging.

This is where the real fun begins. Now I love the collector bases and dioramas, I think each one adds a flair to the display of each Marvel Select figure. BUT this time around Marvel Select has outdone themselves, in a very, very good way. Included with Venom, in place of a base, we receive 4 interchangeable heads! In the past with MOST Venom figures I’ve found it very difficult to find the one that would define my display, this happens no more! I can pick the perfect Venom for almost any display! Take a look:

The evolution of the Marvel Select line is coming along nicely in my book, and I think they have the ability to capture the fans or now ex-fans of rival Marvel Legends if they were to increase the count on the points of articulation and also add some ball-joints to certain figures, which always helps tremendously with display. The fact that pricing hasn’t changed with these beauties is a plus as well, we have seen the tag on many of our favorite lines increase in a very short amount of time and it is a little discouraging. I believe this is the perfect opportunity for Marvel Select to swoop in and save the day! For more information on this great figure, head on over to Art Asylum’s website for an interview with sculptor Jean St. Jean!  Venom is available at Entertainment EarthEntertainment Earth for preorder, expect him sometime early 2013!

Stay tooned 😛