The Thor: The Dark World issues of Empire Magazine are here! First look at Michael Rooker on the GOTG set! Towelites! It’s time once again to round up the latest news and rumors surrounding Marvel Studios’ Phase 2!


You know I can’t help sharing everything related to this TV show! Marvel Studios is so on top of the entertainment game and the development of this series along with the cross-platforming of the two medias, is just pure genius! Welcome to the new age of the live-action comic book genre. Here is the latest trailer for the show, called “The New World”, I feel it is the best so far, showing off its Whedon-side.


It won’t be long before we see some major behind-the-scenes looks at the production of GOTG. Here we have some great shots of Michael Rooker as Yandu, in what appears to a spaceship crash, head on over to CBM to see the rest of these great shots! Keep reading below for some great details on the film from head honcho Kevin Feige.

Kevin Feige…

On does GOTG take place during the events of Phase 2

“The general answer is yes, It’s not exactly revealed what year or month it is in relation to the other Phase Two films. But yes, it’s the same time.Certainly more than the others. We’ve already said that Thanos plays a part in it and is a character in it. That in and of itself should tell you it’s connected to the other worlds.”

On who is the antagonist of the film

“Ronan The Accuser is very much the main bad guy. And Thanos is lurking above it all. You will learn more about Thanos in Guardians, for sure. Certainly you’ll get more than the one turn around and smirk. You’ll get much more than that!”

Further details on all things GOTG

“They are an unlikely band. It’s pure circumstance that brings them all together throughout the course of the movie. Rocket has been genetically and mechanically altered, he’s an experiment from one part of the galaxy. Groot is a species that happens to look like trees look, and is quite communicative if you can understand the different inflections in the way he says, “I am Groot.” Peter Quill left Earth in the mid’80s, but when we meet back up with him he’s very much a citizen of the universe. Drax has one goal and one goal only, which is to kill Ronan because of a past tragedy. When we meet Gamora, she’s a bad guy working with Ronan and Nebula and Korath, and by extension for Thanos. Gamora doesn’t necessarily like doing that anymore, and tries to find a new path for herself. But she has a reputation as the deadliest woman in the galaxy that people aren’t greeting her with open arms.”

Via: Empire Magazine


Thor 2 the dark world banner

The next movie in Phase 2 is Thor: The Dark World. And with its release only being months away, it’s time for the hype-engine to be at full speed! Check out these awesome Empire Magazine covers!

This issue of Empire hits stands next Thursday, but here are some stills to hold you over until then! If you want to see more head on over to EmpireOnline!

Director Alan Taylor on Asgardian Immortality..

“You know, we are killing Asgardians in this movie. It turns out immortality isn’t all that it was cracked up to be. Asgard at the beginning of the first film was at a time of peace. Now our guys have been fighting for over a year, constantly. It’s a time of war. When the Bifrost was broken at the end of the first film, Odin had to conjure a lot of dark energy and go through a lot of personal sacrifice to try and get his son back to Earth, and it was a one-shot deal. If Thor didn’t succeed, without the Tesseract he couldn’t have got back again. And in our film, finally the Bifrost has been rebuilt, but during that time, when the cops were largely cut off from the rest of the universe, you had miscreants that came in from outside the Nine Realms, pillaging and destroying and causing havoc. So that’s what our guys have been doing now – trying to put all these fires out across the Nine Realms.”

Via: EmpireOnline

Thor: The Dark World makes its way EPICALLY into theaters on November 8th!



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