Towelites! Are you ready for the onslaught that is Phase 2 2014?! Well with Cap 2 and GOTG right around the corner, and Agents of SHIELD wrapping up its first season, this year is going to be non-stop!


Another classic Marvel Comics character will be making their first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that will be Hulk antagonist Major Glenn Talbot! Played by Heroes alumni and the voice of Iron Man/Tony Stark on Avengers Assemble, Adrian Pasdar.

“I got a call from my good friend, [“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Executive Producer] Jeph Loeb, Would you come and do this role?’ and I read the character description and I thought, ‘Oh man. Here it is again. The sanctimonious [jerk]. That’s what they’re coming to me for.’ His way’s the only way! I said, ‘Jeph, are you trying to tell me something?’ He said, ‘No, not at all! Nobody can play this quite like you, but no.’ So he came to me and I said yes.”

Agents of SHIELD Adrian Pasdar Talbot

Head on over to for an exclusive interview with the actor on getting ready for the role and making it his own! No word on when the episode will air so stay tooned!



Captain america 2 The winter soldier banner

In serious anticipation for the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier we have a few videos for you to enjoy. First up we have the extended clip of the Cap/Winter Soldier chase, next we have a discussion between Nick Fury and Alexander Pierce, and finally a featurette about Black Widow. Have you picked up your tickets for day one?! I will be attending the double feature on April 3rd! Both Cap movies in 3D! Can’t wait!

Next up on our Cap 2 agenda, I almost forgot that Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) is going to be in this movie! Here is the latest promo image that asks, “Do you trust Sharon Carter?”.

Agent Sharon Cartner Emily VanCamp