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Towelites!! There’s enough news & rumors floating around out there surrounding Marvel’s Studios’ Phase 2 to shake Mjolnir at!!! Let’s round up the latest shall we??!!



NovaThere is not a better opportunity to introduce to the general, movie going public than in the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie! I look at it as if this is Marvel‘s thank you movie to the fans for all the support that we have shown over the years of Phase 1. Even if this movie is being looked at as a stand-alone film or it somehow ties into Avengers 2 in a hardcore way, who knows?! If you are interested in the actual GOTG comics or you are interested in exploring the world of these interstellar heroes, check it out at Marvel.COM!! The backgrounds of the GotG members are told! By Brian Michael Bendis no less! Here’s the inside scoop that AICN dropped about the appearance of the Nova Corps. I wonder who it will be….Richard…or Sam? Or maybe it will be only be the Corps themselves! What do you think Towelites, will Marvel drop the classic or the current? Whatever is to come this is some pretty awesome news. Harry had this to say:

“I was contacted by a source…, telling me that after they had a dinner with a friend that is a confirmed part of [Guardians of the Galaxy]’s production team, that the friend let it slip over the meal that NOVA CORPS were definitely a part of themovie.”

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A trailer in early April??? We hope so!! For Odin! For ASGARD!!!!!!

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Even though I think Marvel Studios and Joss Whedon are covering up the rumors so we can enjoy Phase 2, here’s Whedon’s answer on a potential Plant Hulk movie:





Just to sweeten the onslaught of rumor denyment that you’ve just been handed, here is the International trailer, very similar to the trailer we showed you yesterday, but with a few more scenes. Keep your eye out for Fan Bingbing and Wang Xueqi!


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So get excited Towelites!! Iron Man 3 will be here before we know it and Phase 2 will be in FULL SWING!!!! Catch up on all the news and rumors from Marvel Studios’ Phase 2 here!

Stay tooned :P




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