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Make yours Marvel Towelites!! It’s time once again to round up all the latest news and rumors surrounding Marvel Studios Phase 2!!

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Joss Whedon, master of the universe, recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss such things as the Avengers sequel and his involvement with the new SHIELD TV show, check it:

“One of the great things about having worked for so damn long is that there are so many people that I truly trust.” Whedon told EW that his contributions to the show will be: “as my schedule allows”, and will primarily consist of helping the team of brother Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen brainstorm stories. He’ll also be doing the usual exec producer/overseer stuff of reviewing and approving cuts of episodes. ”I have to maintain a fine balance between not hurting The Avengers, which is my number one priority right now, and not be the guy who shows up once a month and undoes everything that’s been done by everyone else.” Joss is aware that despite not wishing to be that guy, it could happen unintentionally. To that point, Joss shared this anecdotal story from his days overseeing Buffy. ”Back when I was doing Buffy, I made a joke once. I said, ‘We’re going to do leprechauns! It’s going to be the best episode ever!’ And Marti Noxon, who just started as a staff writer, came back three days later and said, ‘I spent three days doing research on leprechauns.’ And I was like: What the f— are you talking about?’

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Actor Jeremy Renner who began his role as Hawkeye in Phase 1’s Thor, and had a more prominent role in Avengers had this to say in an interview with MTV about returning down the road in the Marvel movie universe:

We hope we’ll see you in another Avengers film…and you were pretty frank when you said that while you enjoyed the film and you felt you served your purpose you weren’t necessarily thrilled with what they delivered on the page for your character. Are you hopeful that Joss is gonna have

Jeremy Renner:
I mean I was confident in what he was going to do and wanted to do, it’s just what he was able to do with the first one. And it’s like okay, whatever, but now I think there’s more opportunity to explore the characters a little bit more I think for everybody which I think is exciting…

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Iron Man 3 scouts are apparently looking for sites in India to film, this movie has been filmed in various locations around the world and will feature people of many nationalities. The scenes in India are rumored to involve Iron Man seeking help of Indian techies to help him with armor glitches and also the topic of USA “outsourcing” jobs to India.

While Iron Man 3 will involve people of many cultures, actor Faran Tahir who portrayed one of the ten rings villains in the original film had this to say about the changes that were made to make the villains be less associated with the Muslim culture so not to confuse the masses in such a delicate time. Here’s what Tahir had to say on the subject in an interview with The Express Tribune:

“After seeing the script, I spoke to [director Jon Favreau and producer Kevin Feige] and explained that it was a superhero movie, in which the bad guys can be mercenaries. To my delight, they saw the point.“They [Hollywood] don’t know what we are like in real life and it is not their responsibility to clear misconceptions about us.”



The current word on the planned HULK television show is STALLED. According to Guillermo Del Toro,

“After The Avengers there’s been complete radio silence,” the director said. “I had one more meeting after Avengers with Jeph Loeb from Marvel and he said, ‘We’re working on it, we’re waiting for a writer,’ he gave me the name of the writer and their resume and I said, ‘That sounds great, let’s wait for him’ because we had delivered a teleplay and I haven’t heard since then.”

With talks of Dark Universe, and also Mark Ruffalo probably not being involved in the show which could be a little counter-productive. Trying to connect the movie universe with the television world might be a little difficult. So you can kinda see where this one is going. Hey at least we are getting the SHIELD show! No complaints here!


So get excited Towelites!! Iron Man 3 will be here before you know it and Phase 2 will be in FULL SWING!!!! Catch up on all the news and rumors from Marvel Studios’ Phase 2 here!

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