Towelites are you excited for what’s to come from Marvel Studios?! We’ll you should be! Let’s take a look at the latest news and rumors surrounding Phase 2!


Captain america 2 The winter soldier banner

Captain America: The Winter Soldier may be my most anticipated movie of Phase 2, I am really looking forward to how the character of the Winter Soldier is treated on the big screen! Check out some more great concept art from the movie! Check out the Falcon in the background!


Who loves the Marvel Studios One-Shots?! I know you all do and here are some promo pics AND an awesome looking vintage poster for the short starring the beautiful Hayley Atwell reprising her role as Agent Peggy Carter!  This One-Shot will be featured at SDCC and will be included on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray release!

Via: EW

Thor 2 the dark world banner


Next up in Phase Two is Thor: The Dark World. This epic fantasy movie promises to knock the socks off the original! Marvel has said that less of Earth will be featured this time around and I totally agree with this plan! I can’t wait to see all out war in the Nine Realms! Check out this great teaser poster that’s just in time for SDCC!

Thor 2 poster






The great debate on how or why Agent Coulson returns has been running rampant all over the internet. We will know the answer in the upcoming TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Anywhere from life model decoy to Vision has been thrown about but I am just looking forward to the character being a part of the action again! Joss Whedon has gone on record to say that the show will pickup directly from one of the movies (not The Avengers) and weave its way through the Phase Two movies as the come out. I am very excited to see the incorporation of different media outlets when presenting these stories! Check out this great pic of Joss Whedon and Clark Gregg on set!

Agent Coulson Joss Whedon

Last but not least today….who is Vin Diesel going to play in The Avengers 2? My bet is on the Vision and we are going to see some robot/mutant love between him and Scarlet Witch down the road! There should be some major announcements down the pipeline for these movies so keep it here for the latest news and rumors surrounding Marvel Studios’ Phase Two!

Actor Vin Diesel

Stay tooned 😛




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