D23 just happend over the weekend and Marvel was showing off its slate of soon to be superhero hits! Towelites! It’s time once again to round up the latest news and rumors surrounding Marvel Studios’ Phase 2!


Thor 2 the dark world banner

The next movie in Phase 2 will be Thor: The Dark World, and if that second trailer wasn’t enough to get you pumped, then comic book movies may not be your thing. D23 granted everyone with some great interviews with director Alan Taylor, and actors Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddleston. Head on over the ScreenSlam’s YouTube page to see more interviews!




Captain america 2 The winter soldier banner

The spy thriller is on its way, and soon the Winter Soldier will come out of the shadows! This is my most anticipated movie of Phase 2, and I can’t wait to see some footage! Any lucky SOB who was either at SDCC or D23 saw some and I wish i could have been there! Looks like I’ll be waiting for a trailer, prob with Thor 2! As expected here are some interviews from D23 with the Russo Bros, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie.




So everyone was kinda upset that Disney didn’t push Star Wars Episode VII more, but they hyped their next space opera, Guardians of the Galaxy! In what is clearly Marvel Studios‘ ballsiest move yet, GOTG will test the true market of the comic book movie genre. This movie could seal the deal on future franchises if it is successful. Guardians is the Star Wars of 2014 and Disney treated this situation completely the correct way. Don’t drown your potential successes. Save it for 2014, tickets are going to sell anyways! Give Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill another year of fitness programs, then bring ’em out. Check out this great video from Marvel Studios at D23!




Apparently there are rumors floating around the web that a Defenders movie would happen after Avengers 3. I’m thinking.. what an amazing idea!! Who knows what character rights Marvel Studios will have going into the 2020’s!! SO HAVE AT THEE TOWELITES! Thor: The Dark World arrives in theaters on November 8th! As Phase 2 continues!


Stay tooned 😛




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