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Hey Towelites! I’m back already with some salty rumors and other news bites about Marvel Studios Phase 2!


So get this, Robin, Batman, Bruce Willis wannabe Joseph Gordon-Levitt is being rumored to be in the running for a role in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. Deadline is reporting that Marvel Studios has added JGL to the short list to play Peter Quill, aka Star Lord, in Guardians. All this speculation on Starlord, time to get on to Rocket Raccoon! Sound off Towelites!!

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Kinda sad casting news today, Haley Atwell will not resume her role as Peggy Carter in the upcoming Captain America sequel. With the “unnamed” female role lead role, still presumably Sharon Carter, uncast, we will probably see some movement on this front with just a few months left until filming begins on the anticipated sequel.

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So get excited Towelites!! Iron Man 3 will be here before you know it and we will be in FULL SWING!!!! Catch up on all the news and rumors from Marvel’s Phase 2 here!


Stay tooned 😛


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