It’s Wednesday, happy comic day, I don’t have much time to read this week cuz I’m exploring the world known as Pandora with Chaz, blasting bandits and raiders back to hell! Anywho, here’s a round-up of some Marvel Studios Phase 2 news and rumors!!!

Stellan Skarsgård, who plays Dr. Erik Selvig in both the Thor films and had a prominent role in The Avengers had this to say about Thor 2: The Dark World:

“Thor 2 I have already begun. We have done some filming in London, and will run on in November. As for “The Avengers 2″ I have not heard anything about me to be with or not. I’m under contract, so if they want me, I have no choice. The role of “Thor 2″ is about as big as the last. New director, yes. Alan Taylor who has done some “Game of Thrones. [Joss Whedon] is an extremely intelligent nerd. He is an expert on all this stuff, then writes he is terribly good. That he managed to write that “Avengers” script, I was very impressed the first time I read it. Ten heroes to keep track of, and hold together the story. But the success he is having in any way. He was very pleasant to work with, but also very tired. What an incredible load of pulling in over six months. 

You want some more set pics? We got your set pics right here! Oh by the way, I hear Chris Hemsworth does his own stunts 😉



Chris Evans would like you all to know how hard it is for him to become Captain America, and that we should appreciate the effort it takes, rough life! I kid Chris, I kid, we love you!

“I’m dreading it, this is what I keep thinking. We start Captain America 2: Winter Soldier in March so come January I have to…get back in that routine. And then I start thinking about all the future movies and I think to myself, “how am I going to keep getting big?” It’s such a chore. I hate to admit it but it’s such a chore. It’s months and months of lifting heavy, heavy stuff. Not looking forward to it. But you know what, it’s worth it because I am happy with the movies and I do love the character. What am I saying though, these are good problems to have.”


Then you have Anthony Mackie who couldn’t be more happy to be playing The Falcon! I can’t wait to see how they handle this character in the film.

“I’m playing the Falcon. He’s this guy in Harlem who moved to California and became a drug dealer. His plane crashed, and he was genetically altered, and he can fly, has telepathic powers. He’s the first African-American superhero. It makes me feel all the work I’ve done has been paying off. I have a son, nephews and nieces, and I love the idea that they can dress up as the Falcon on Halloween. They now have someone they can idolize. That’s a huge honor for me.”



Here’s a recent interview that Mackie did with Vulture:

“[Sam Wilson] is known for his physique. He’s described as 6’3″, 245 pounds, so starting Monday, for the next five months until we start shooting, I’m going back to high-school workouts and start doing two-a-days, so I get up to 230 pounds.” Sounds major! “I’m going to try not to get a job between now and then, so I can really focus on this. Because Chris Evans is in such good shape! I’m just a dude he dragged into the lab that he injected with some shit, but I got to stand next to him. So we shall see! When I got the part, I called my brother, and I told him, ‘Guess what I’m doing.’ And I told him the movie and who I was playing, and he literally just gave me a litany of history about this character. He went in his closet, and he dug out a copy of the very first Captain America with the Falcon in it. So I said to him, ‘Holy s*^@, you’re an Über-nerd!'”
“I feel like every kid deserves a hero, you know?” he said. “And now that Spider-Man is Latino, I’m happy that little black kids are going to have the opportunity to say, ‘Hey, I want to be the Falcon.’ You know? So it’s cool.”


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is coming April 4, 2014, but we will feel the wrath of Asgard much sooner on November 8th , 2013!

Stay tooned 😛



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