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Happy Holidays Towelites!! It’s time once again to round up all the latest news and rumors surrounding Marvel Studios’ Phase 2!

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The latest pic from Iron Man 3 shows off a beat up Iron Man/Tony Stark! I cannot wait for this one, and Phase Two to get rollin’!




SHIELD the TV show has found the final piece to its regular cast puzzle! Joining the show is Chloe Bennet (Nashville) will be playing Agent Skye who is describe as:

“A confident woman who is slightly obsessed with superhero culture and the shadow organizations that exist within it. She’s edgy and can out-talk anyone with her unflappable nature.”

Bennet joins Clark Gregg’s returning Agent Phil Coulsona and team consisting of Ming-Na Wen, Elizabeth Henstridge, Iain De Caestecker, and last month’s addition of Brett Dalton. Shooting begins this January!

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Talk that the casting of Starlord was rumored to be down to a few actors, Zachary Levi and Jim Sturgess and an unannounced third actor were on the shortlist, BUT NOW James Gunn has taken to Twitter with the following remark:


Though he says ALMOST, I imagine one of these stars are on that list. I’m still holding out for a Michael Rooker voiced Rocket Raccoon!


Avengers 2:

In an interview with MSN, Tom Hiddleston was asked if he would be returning as Loki in the upcoming Avengers sequel, here’s what he had to say:

“I don’t know, and that really is the honest answer, I know I’ve been known for obfuscation in other quarters, but I have no idea, I haven’t spoken to Joss. He’s definitely doing it. So I suspect not, only because I think that probably the audiences are tired of Loki being the bad guy. Maybe the Avengers need somebody else to fight. But I’d love to be part of it again.”

Avengers Reflections:

Joss Whedon recently made a comment at the Director’s Guild of America screening of Avengers and made this comment about an alternative script he had written at a point when Scarlett Johansson had a conflict with filming Avengers:

There was a very Wasp-y draft that I wrote – but it was way too Wasp-y. Because I was like, ‘She adorable! I’m just going to write her!

So we know that Joss is interested in bringing her in, we will have to see how this goes around Avengers 2 and Ant-Man time!

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