Hey Towelites! It’s been kinda slow in the Marvel Phase 2 department as of late! Time to round up the latest news and rumors!!!

Some set photos from the Greenwich, London set featuring Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth! Also a look at the sleeveless armor. Thor: The Dark World hits theaters November 8th, 2013!  Courtesy of: ComicBookMovie.com


Tony Stark‘s armory is going to be an impressive lot this time around! According to IO9,  the Extremis virus will allow Tony to put parts of multiple Iron Man suits together. Also, Tony will have a “Hall of Armors” with at least 16 new suits of armor, including some classic armors from the comics. Also the rumors that Pepper Potts will get her own suit of armor (Rescue from the comics) is becoming more and more unlikely, but you never know what Marvel has up their sleeves! This is being confirmed by the upcoming toy line from Hasbro:

  • Iron Man 3 Iron Assemblers Action Figure Assortment: 14 “Connectable” figures (wave 1, Feb 2013) with multiple interchangable pieces to deliver maximum customization. Wave 2 in March and Wave 3 in April. We are betting these are 3 and 3 quarter inch.
  • Iron Assemblers Battle Vehicle: Tony Stark’s stylish ride launches your Iron Assembler figure out of the front, mimicking a scene from the movie. Almost all figures are compatible. Feb 2013 A second vehicle is said to join it in March.


And speaking of Iron Man, there is a rumor that the billionaire, playboy, philanthropist will be making an appearance in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Nothing has been confirmed as we have not heard many updates from this flick so keep it tuned to DFAT for more updates from this exciting project!


More news from Joss Whedon‘s SHIELD television series! Two more additions to the cast have been revealed via The Hollywood Reporter, Actress Elizabeth Henstridge and actor Iain De Caestecker will be filling in the roles of Agent Gemma Simmons & Agent Leo Fitz. Descriptions of the characters are as follows:

“like a brother and sister who always bicker and annoy one another. They came up together and are masters in their fields: Fitz is good with weapons and gadgets while Simmons is into science. And during the show, Agent Simmons and Agent Fitz will apparently be given the nickname “Fitz-Simmons.”

The Pilot episode for SHIELD will begin filming this January!

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